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Where Do I Find a Good Builder?

Finding a good building company can be as difficult as trying to find a perfectly ripe avocado in the grocery store. If you’re building a new home or planning a house renovation, finding the right building company is crucial. You’ve got the vision, but it will be the builders who turn your ideas into a reality, so you need to be confident that they know what they’re doing and they understand what you want. Before rushing in to hire a building company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the building company have the necessary qualifications?
  • Does the building company have experience in the type of work you are after?
  • Does the building company have a list of references you can contact?
  • Do the people behind the building company have character traits you trust?
  • Does the building company have insurance in case anything fails?

What is a Good Builder and How Do I Find One?

You want to make sure your building company employs builders who are licensed and know how to perform work that adheres to the Council’s regulations. Checking their previous work will help you gain an understanding of the type of work they specialise in, and how well they execute it. Don’t be shy to ask for a list of references you can contact. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy way to recommend building companies, so listen out for any negative tones in the referee’s voices. If they were happy with the company’s work, they’ll make it known!

Trust your gut instinct and see if you feel comfortable with the people who run the building company, and also the builder(s) who will be carrying out the work.

Do you think you can trust them to listen to your ideas and desires and treat your project with respect and care? At the end of the day, a building company is made up of people, and if you don’t get along with them, it will be difficult to work together. Some valuable character traits to look out for are punctuality, positivity, motivation and dedication. It also pays to research the building company to see what kind of work they specialise in and the kinds of insurance they have in case anything goes wrong.

When you hire a building company, it’s important to get everything down on paper to make it formal and legal. Ask for a detailed quote beforehand, and write up a contract that clearly states all the details. If you do your homework and trust your intuition, you’ll be able to find a good building company.

Smartway Builders

At Smartway Builders, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing work that is raved about by our communities. Our licensed builders don’t cut corners and we really listen to our client’s wishes, so they get the final outcome they dreamed of. To enquire further, get in touch with us today.

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