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Window and Cladding Tips:

Windows: Windows are one of the components of your home that are subject to constant wear and tear from both use and exposure to the weather. Over the years, the weather sealing system, the catches and hinges and handles and locks and frame can deteriorate and ultimately fail. And when that happens, it’s time to replace your windows.

Or you may simply decide that it’s time to upgrade to a better look or more security or more functionality … or an eco-friendly product. Or get double-glazing to hold out the winter chills.

Repairs might seem inexpensive, but will not give you the same long-term solution. Replacement is generally more costly, but will ultimately provide cost savings in relation to energy use, make your house more comfortable, add to the visual appeal and probably increase the overall value of your property as well.

There are a number of factors to consider in the repair or replace debate, including:

Window Style

Your existing windows may not fit in with the style of your house or give you the features that you want. There may not be enough glass area to provide adequate natural lighting to the living spaces, or too much glass so it creates heat retention issues. Or you may want a door where a window currently is, or vice versa.

Heating and Ventilation

The glass component of your windows accounts for a large portion of heat loss or heat gain in your home. Energy efficient double-glazing can reduce the heat movement considerably and help you to have better control over ventilation and temperature control.


Traditional timber windows often deteriorate due to moisture problems, which will not necessarily go away if you install new units. In fact, moisture may even get worse, due to reduced air leakage, so you need to think about the sources of moisture when considering changing windows.

Components and Hardware

The components of windows wear out over time. Seals fail, catches and swing arms stop working properly, and damaged screens or other hardware are common problems. In addition, older hardware and/or design may not offer much security.

So, do you repair what you have, upgrade it, or completely replace with new windows? Should you go for wooden windows or aluminium ones or uPVC, or a combination product? Should they be single or double glazed? Do they open in part or in whole? Does the glass need to be strengthened or coloured?

Lots of important things for you to consider. And we can help you with all these questions.

Weatherboards & Other Exterior Cladding:

Exterior weatherboards and other types of cladding are expected to protect your home from the elements, while providing an attractive visual effect. They are part of the overall weather-tightness system that must prevent rain, hail, wind, sleet and snow from penetrating the building and causing moisture and other damage.

Exterior finishes therefore must be durable enough to resist normal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, minor impacts from people and objects that can occur from everyday activities and premature deterioration from sunlight or weather exposure. Replacing damaged exterior wall finishes will help protect your home, preserve the durability and structure, make it more attractive and potentially add value.

So, what can go wrong with the exterior cladding of you home? Some problems are common to all exterior finishes while others are specific to a particular material or cladding system.
Unwanted water is the source of many problems. Moisture can penetrate the wall due to roofing problems, damaged or missing flashings over or under windows or at the base of walls, problems where the wall has been penetrated for pipes or wires, or as a result of the failure of the actual exterior cladding or paintwork.

Exterior cladding can also suffer because of incorrect fastening or overall support, or problems with the underlying building paper or membranes. Sometimes the product themselves simply fail due to design issues … like with the 1980’s product Weatherside which was recalled by Carter Holt Harvey. It simply needs to be replaced as it will continue to deteriorate.

Weatherboards or other wood cladding may suffer paint failure, or splitting or rotting of the wood itself. Metal or vinyl cladding may suffer from aging, fading, rust, cracks or dents, and even buckling. Masonry or concrete solutions can also have problems such as white, chalky stains, crumbling mortar, cracked or loose bricks or sections, or the exterior layer breaking off or flaking. And if you have a stucco or other plaster or spray-on finish then over time you may find cracks and loose or damaged areas.

They all present their own issues … and solutions. So talk to us and we can help remedy the issues.

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