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Fence & Gate Tips:

Boundary fences and internal fences. Solid timber or trellis or sheet panelling fences. 1 metre high or 3metres high. We can help you design and build the right fence for your property.

Whether you are looking for a little more privacy, protection from the wind or rain, a better defined boundary line, or simply a more secure home, you can have a fence which will not only achieve all you want, but also adds a touch of style and finesse as well.

A good fence not only provides the functional aspects like security & privacy, it also helps to make your home’s outdoor areas more attractive, and adds a stylish definition of your outdoors area. And … a well-designed, visually attractive and correctly constructed fence also adds value to your home.

In addition, replacing an old-style dilapidated, creaky, doesn’t-really-stay-closed gate with a more contemporary design can potentially add to the value to your home, contribute to the street appeal, look better and more satisfying visually, improve your privacy, improve security and reduce road noise as well.

So … go with that new fence and gate. The effect can be quite dramatic. Remember though, there are height rules, and if you exceed them you will need to apply for Building Consent.

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