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Popular Home Designs for Beachside Properties

Who doesn’t love the beach? Ocean, sand, rocks and an entire ecosystem breathing beneath the swell of the water. Long walks, surfing, making sandcastles with the kids … having a beachside property is a Kiwi lifestyle dream, whether it’s to live in permanently or to keep on the side for holiday getaways, and we’ve seen some gorgeous designs pop up all along the coastlines of New Zealand. Some truly unique and inspiring shapes have been forming up and down the country, so we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourite trending designs.

Sharp Lines

We’ve been noticing a lot of clean, sharp lines in beachside architecture. Clean cut lines contrast nicely with the haphazardness of the house’s backdrop, creating an interesting dichotomy. We rarely see completely straight lines in nature, so this kind of silhouette really carves itself into the environment. However, when done right, it works in harmony with its surroundings rather than overpowering it.

Glass Walls

It’s funny how on one hand we’re afraid of surveillance and fight for our privacy, but on the other hand, we want to be open and exposed. Such is the case with glass walls. We’ve seen many new builds with glass from top to bottom, sometimes extending around the house. This is a beautiful way to incorporate nature (the best wallpaper!) into a home, and remove the feeling of a barrier while still being sheltered. If you’re by the beach, why wouldn’t you want to look at it all day and night?

Concrete Structures

When you think of concrete you might think of cold, unforgiving surfaces, but concrete houses can be surprisingly cozy and light. And of course, concrete is the best material for storm-prone coastal areas, as it’s weather-proof and resilient. Modern and practical, concrete is a stylish and safe choice.

Solar Panels

Why not when you’re by the beach – where you get loads of sunlight? More and more people are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and build eco-conscious houses, and living by the beach tends to inspire people to be kinder to the planet. Solar panels help combat greenhouse gas emissions and uses pure energy from a sustainable source – the sun!

Natural Colours

Leaving things in their raw state is popular right now. Timber is simply varnished, not painted, and materials like concrete and marble are used in their original form. Particularly with beachside properties, it seems like nature is already decorating the exterior.

At Smartway Builders, we specialise in house alterations and house renovations, but we also create new build houses. If you want to make the beachside living dream come true, talk to us.

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