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Building Trust

8 Reasons You Can Trust Smartway


Experts and Specialists

You can take advantage of our extensive experience in building because we have seen and experienced many of the most common issues and problems that can arise with new build, renovation, and extension projects. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt … So, when you need something done right first time, call an expert.


Qualified and Licensed

We’re sure you want a warm and dry and safe home that is built to last. With Smartway Builders you get a great team of builders that all support and follow the rules and regulations , that ensure you get the home you want. Our qualified and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) are people you can trust to deliver, and every builder in our team will create a quality result for your project.


A Workmanship Guarantee

You get a guarantee, assurance, protection, safety in everything we do for you. At Smartway Builders you’re our number 1 priority so our extensive 21-point Guarantee to you covers lots of things we hope you will agree are important. Your comprehensive guarantee gives you the assurance that, when working with Smartway Builders, your interests are always taken into account.


Quality Project Management

Your project will be run as efficiently as we can in these rather challenging times. Our primary Project Manager is highly skilled and probably one of the best in the industry, having worked on many significant projects. Now he’s here to deliver your project. We have systems and processes in place to ensure that the job will be completed for you correctly, and to ensure the smooth running of the project there are regular site meetings to discuss any questions and what’s coming up next.


Experience and Expertise

As Steven Wright once said “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it”, and we’ve got lots… so you can sit back and relax a little knowing that your project is in safe hands.


Safety First for Your Family

Your safety and the safety of our staff, suppliers and subbies while on site is extremely important. Smartway Builders are avid supporters of the Health and Safety regulations and have systems and processes specifically designed around keeping everyone safe, including you and your family.


Give Back to the Community

We support the local communities we work in. We do what we can, when we can. We’ve helped out sick people with renovations, supported community garden projects and provided funding and labour for other projects including fully renovating the Tawa MenzShed. We think it’s important to give back to our community and we’re sure you will too.


We Hope You’ll Keep Coming Back Too!

We are proud of being the builders who are raising the bar in the industry, delivering what you need. And as a result of that, our clients provide us with a constant stream of repeat business and refer us onto others. As someone said, “What goes around, comes around”.

The 3 E’s: Experience, Expertise & Excellence

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“Very tidy throughout”

Smartway were so professional to deal with! Great service, very responsive, excellent standard of work and they left the site very tidy throughout. One day a builder was carefully sweeping the stairs as they packed up for the day. I told him not to bother. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” he said and finished sweeping.


“Loving it”

You know what? This is the first time I want to come home and don’t feel I need to scroll through properties for sale. I love it!

Matt and Clare
Raumati South

“Loved our renovation”

We found Smartway to be professional, thorough and easy to deal with throughout our renovation and are thrilled with the transformation of our living space which ticks all our boxes.

Grant and Jenny