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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY

If you’ve got it into your head that your home needs renovation work and you think it’s a simple DIY job, then there’s clearly a lot that you need to consider. Before you head down to the garage or the hardware store and get yourself into a real mess, here’s 9 reasons why you shouldn’t rush into a DIY renovation project.

You’ll miss important steps

Every home renovation project should start with a solid plan, and if you’re so dedicated to DIY that you’re going to DIY your to-do list, you’re definitely going to miss things. Use a professional to help you plan out the project, and avoid finding out later that there were crucial steps you missed completely.

You don’t understand the full cost

Similarly, unless you’re a house renovation expert, you won’t be able to accurately predict the cost of the overall project and budget for everything: renovation projects normally cost far more than you expect.

Some jobs require an expert

If you think that you’ll be able to handle any plumbing, electrical, or gas work when renovating your house, simply put, you’re dreaming. These jobs always require dedicated professionals to get the work done safely, and should never be part of a DIY project. This extends to roofing, asbestos removal, and even structural work, which some people think that they can do themselves – don’t find out the hard way that you might be wrong!

It’ll put stress on your relationships

If you’re married, you’re really going to want to have a think here. A DIY project that goes on forever can put huge stress on your family and relationships, and it’s common sense to have experts do the work rather than put pressure on your family.

You don’t have the right equipment

Sure, you can certainly hire the right equipment to complete your project. However, it only makes sense that if you’re hiring specialist equipment, you should probably hire a specialist to use it for you. Tools can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and nothing spoils the enjoyment of a renovation like an injury.

You might hurt yourself

To follow up on this, it’s highly likely that at some point you might hurt yourself or, worse, someone else. ACC receives on average 40,000 new DIY-related claims per year, which speaking to someone beforehand can help you easily avoid.

A mistake can cost you more

If you mess up and damage your home in some way while renovating, it’s highly likely that a builder could charge you far more than you might even have had to pay to have a professional do the job from the start. In the long run, deciding not to DIY can save you money and will greatly decrease any risk.

Future buyers will be able to tell

In the years to come, many people will be able to view the results of your DIY handiwork, and if you haven’t done a professional, quality job, all of them will be able to tell. A visibly botched job can negatively affect the value of your home when you sell – a potential price that is truly worth considering

before deciding whether to DIY.

Smartway Builders can do it for you!

If you’re in Wellington and thinking about a home renovation project and want to avoid the problems above, while working with a friendly, honest team of experts, then contact Smartway Builders today. Our professional team can plan your next project so you won’t have to!

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