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Building Planning Services

Without a plan you have chaos. In the building industry without a plan you have massive cost overruns, mistakes, shortcuts being taken and a lower quality result, none of which you want. We are happy to help you plan and manage your project from start to finish so you reduce the likelihood of issues on the way through.

Every successful building project needs one main thing to succeed … good planning. Planning is the key, and it simply can’t be ignored.

A successful building project can result in your dreams coming true, but without careful planning and good management, it can unfortunately also become a real nightmare.

And your plans need to relate to what YOU want as the end result, and be based on YOUR reasons. So make sure that you “stand your ground” at these early stages, so you get the right outcome … for you. Don’t let anyone dictate your design, work with someone like Smartway Builders who will listen to what you want.

Wouldn’t you rather have us help take the stress and hassle out or your residential property renovation, upgrade, addition or new build project? Or try and manage it all yourself?

Whether you are restoring an older character home, extending your home to cater for changing future needs, simply renovating some or all of your property, or building a brand new home … specialised help is essential.

We provide and coordinate the quality specialists like our architects, engineers and builders, and our tradespeople and contractors that we will need to deliver your project on time and on budget; without you having the stress of managing it all yourself.

Renovating, altering, extending or building a new home is one of the most significant projects that you will probably ever undertake. And you need to do it right. There are many potential pitfalls – local and regional council requirements, fire and insulation requirements, previously unforeseen costs, potential legal arguments, and expensive mistakes – which can be avoided with the right approach from the start.

Some people assume that a building project process is as simple as engaging a ‘friendly architect’, employing ‘Bob the Builder’ or ‘doing it yourself’. Unfortunately, as almost every Home Improvement TV program highlights, this is usually a recipe for disaster, including huge over-runs in both time and money.

Project management involves the organisation, management, and supervision of all aspects of a construction project throughout its duration, from initial concept to final handover. And it’s something we’re very good at. So let us help you, let us take on this burden and simply make it happen.

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