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Building a Beach House for Future Summers

A beach house can be a worthwhile investment that can bring you happiness and some extra income. As a secondary home, it is ideal for summer holidays away from the city, special occasions and parties such as weddings and birthdays, and renting out to travellers when you aren’t occupying it. It can be your own slice of paradise – a safe place to escape to that doesn’t require spending thousands on an overseas trip – and a reliable source of pocket money.

If you were secretly a bit jealous of those who drove out of town to their beach houses this summer, why not plan one for future summers? If you have kids, they’ll love the chance to play with the ocean as their front yard, and if you don’t, your friends and family will find any excuse to come and party with a BBQ and a steady flow of drinks! Honestly, who doesn’t love a beach house? It is versatile in its possibilities – do you want to relax with a book or fry fish with your neighbours?

However, the truth is, you can’t relax until the beach house is completed! Building a beach house (like building any kind of house) requires research, planning, time and of course, money. You need to be prepared to be open minded and committed, and you’ll need the passion and dedication to see the project through to the end. Are you ready for it? If so, here are some things to consider before taking another step.


First, choose where you want to build your beach house. It could be your favourite beach town, or an area predicted to boom in popularity in the future. A good question to ask yourself when deciding on a location is ‘Why do I want this beach house?’ If it’s purely for yourself, then picking a spot with special meaning to you could be perfect. If it’s for monetary purposes, then it will be wise to choose a trending location. Check beach erosion trends and the reputation of the location too.


A beach house is prone to harsh weather conditions, so it must be built with materials that can withstand storms, high winds and the heat. Build to make it last and you will lower the risk of having to deal with reparations in the future.


Consider ways to make your beach house more sustainable. Could you add solar panels? Maybe even a solar powered shower? You could add insulation or double-glazed windows, use non-toxic building materials and install a rainwater collection tank. A new building is the perfect opportunity to get creative with sustainability.


This is the really fun bit. Do you want to add an outdoors entertaining area? An outdoors shower? A deck? Cark parks? Enter your daydream and picture what you want to be doing in your beach house and how it will be used.


Consider security, as you won’t always be there to make sure it is protected. You could add a fence, an alarm, or even a CCTV camera. When it comes to a big investment like a beach house, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


If you want to hire professional and reliable builders for the job, contact Smartway Builders. Our team of local builders are experts in home alterations, new builds and more.

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